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Four Cats Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

With a number of cats getting adopted recently, we needed to work with our partner The Rescue House to bring new cats in. Let’s introduce you to the four latest cats to join The Cat Cafe.

Meet Oscar at The Cat Cafe


First up is Oscar. This two year old boy lived in a feral colony in El Centro. He developed an upper respiratory infection, and the person caring for the colony took him in to treat him. Oscar started liking being around people, and his caretakers decided to make him an indoor cat.

You’ll find Oscar even people he doesn’t know with head bonks. He loves to play, which is important because he needs to lose a little weight.

With the number of bonded pairs we’ve had at The Cat Cafe, it only makes sense for us to bring in another one. Lady and Sonny are about two years old, and they’ve been through a lot in their relatively short lives.


Lady lost her litter of kittens, and started caring for another litter who had lost their mother. A kind person noticed this, and they looked for help. Fortunately, The Rescue House was able to step in and help.

You’ll find Lady is a little reserved initially, and she’s cautious around people she doesn’t know well. This isn’t surprising, because she had to take care of her litter as well as her brother. And that meant she had to be cautious. But when she gets to know you, she’s friendly and enjoys interacting with you.

Meet Sonny at The Cat Cafe


Sonny is a lot more outgoing initially. While his sister initially found a spot to relax in and stayed there, Sonny started investigating the playpen in The Cat Cafe immediately. He enjoys playing with toys, and he’ll let you know that he wants to play.

These two siblings look a lot alike, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. But they make it a little easier to tell them apart than some of the siblings we’ve had in here. Sonny has a little white spot on his chest.

Meet Gibby at The Cat Cafe


And now we’ll tell you about the fourth new member of The Cat Cafe clowder, Gibby. A kind person who takes care of a feral colony saw her, and noticed that she was very friendly. They decided that she was a stray, not a feral, and decided to try to help her. After The Rescue House learned about this one year old gir, they helped with her care. And then, Gibby made her way to The Cat Cafe.

We hope you’ll come on in and meet the four new members of our clowder or spend time hanging out with some favorites who have been around for a while! Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love and decide to take one of them home.

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