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The Cat Cafe and COVID 19

At The Cat Cafe, we try to focus on the four legged furry creatures roaming around our playpen. They’re the reason we’re around, after all. Sure, the coffee is excellent, and the locally sourced light fare tastes good. But most of our customers are drawn to the cats. And why not? It’s in our name.

We also know that many of our visitors are rightfully concerned with the outbreak of COVID 19. It’s been the topic of many media stories, and after seeing an entire country, Italy, go into lockdown, we understand the concern.

Cattening The Curve

A Feline Take on the COVID 19 Curve

We want all of our visitors to know that your safety as well as the safety of our team, both feline and human, are at the top of our priority list. We are monitoring what our County’s Public Health Department is saying and will comply with their recommendations.

On March 12, we received a letter from them. In the letter, they stated “currently, the risk for the general American public remains low.” They added that the situation remains fluid and that assessment “could change at any time.”

Based on their letter, we at The Cat Cafe will continue to operate with normal hours. We think that allowing people who are concerned by the COVID 19 pandemic to relax and get away from it by petting a cat will help reduce their stress levels. Simply petting a cat is known to release endorphins. We’ve seen countless times how effective a few minutes with a cat can be in helping someone relax.

Enjoy the healing power of purrs at The Cat Cafe

One of the benefits of being one of the first cat cafes in the United States was that our Health Department was strict with us. They made us put in multiple hand sanitizing stations. Please use those when you visit us.

And for your safety and the safety of others, we’re going to ask that people who are sick refrain from visiting The Cat Cafe.

Thank you for supporting us during this difficult time. We look forward to helping you enjoy the stress reducing effect of purr therapy during your visit to The Cat Cafe.

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