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The Cat Cafe Goes Green

One of the challenges we face at The Cat Cafe is that we have to serve our drinks in non-recyclable cups. It just doesn’t work for us to serve our drinks in reusable cups. Plus, with a dozen cats roaming around, even if we could serve drinks in ceramic mugs, it wouldn’t be too long before we had none left. After all, cats love to push things off tables!

We do look to reduce our environmental impact in other ways. For example, we make sure that we recycle what we can. And we’re happy to announce that we have signed up with Arcadia Power so that all of our electricity comes from non-polluting sources.

Since we signed up with Arcadia Power in August, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by four tons. That’s about the same as what driving a gasoline powered car creates over the course of a year.

If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint at no charge, you can sign up with Arcadia Power. It’s free to sign up to get half of your power from clean sources. If you want to join us at The Cat Cafe in getting 100 percent of your electricity from clean sources, you’ll pay a small surcharge.

In addition to this news, we wanted to share with you information about our two latest additions to the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Say hello to the bonded pair of of Josie and Mozart. These two eight month old cats took a few days to start to wander into the playpen. But now, they love hanging out with customers during the day.

Meet Mozart at The Cat Cafe


Mozart is a gray tabby, and he’s the more outgoing and social of the two. When he gets to know you, he loves to do little rolls. Be sure not to pet his belly, because it’s really tempting! But he doesn’t like that.

Meet Josie at The Cat Cafe


Josie is a little more shy, but she’s very friendly as well. Once she becomes comfortable with you, she will cock her head and raise her rear way up into the air. And she’s got a cute little meow that she uses to tell you to keep petting her.

We’d love to see you come in to visit Josie and Mozart and hang out with some old friends. And you can feel a little better knowing that the power that makes your drink comes from a non-polluting source here at The Cat Cafe.

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