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The Cat Cafe Raises $347 For The Rescue House in January

We were excited to move into our third year of operations at The Cat Cafe. Many people said we wouldn’t last a year. We’re glad we proved them wrong. And we are very happy to be the fourth oldest continuously operating cat cafe in the United States.

One of the things that we really enjoy at The Cat Cafe is sending cats home. And with the holidays just concluding in January, and with us having so many paired siblings, it’s not a surprise at all that it’s taking longer to find homes for our cats. That’s fine by us. We’ll make sure they’re happy here at The Cat Cafe until the right person comes along.

In January, we sent one cat home. And Bertie didn’t end up going very far from his foster home. We’re sure you’ve heard the term foster failure before. This means that someone who fostered a cat ended up deciding that their foster home should be their cat’s permanent home.

Bertie wasn’t a foster failure, but they did keep it in the family. Bertie went home with a relative of his foster. So that works out well for the entire family.

In addition to sending Bertie home in January, we raised $347 for The Rescue House. Thanks for your generosity!

And there are two more cats who we’ve taken in here at The Cat Cafe from The Rescue House We’d like to introduce you to Gigi and Tallulah. Because these two cats are getting used to the space, you may not see them much. But every day, they get more and more confident. We’re sure they’ll be joining us in the cat playpen soon.

Meet Gigi at The Cat Cafe


Before she was rescued, Gigi tried to fend for herself and wasn’t very successful at it. But after her rescue, she received the attention and care she needed. And soon, she blossomed. She’s still a little wary of people she doesn’t know well. This one year old girl does like to head bonk and receive pets from people she knows. She’s mellow and calm, so someone looking for a mellow and relaxed cat will be a good match.

Meet Tallulah at The Cat Cafe


You’re more likely to see Tallulah out and about. She’s also about a year old, and she came to us from the Imperial Valley. Tallulah’s started getting comfortable here, and she likes to explore the cat playpen after hours. If we maintain the calm and relaxed environment we strive for, Tallulah will start hanging out with us during the day.

We’d love to have you come by to welcome the two latest arrivals to The Cat Cafe and to hang out with your old friends! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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