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The Cat Cafe Raises $380 For The Rescue House in October

One of the things we enjoy the most is seeing the generosity of our customers as they donate additional funds to help The Rescue House continue their mission of helping cats find homes. In October, visitors donated $380 to The Rescue House. When you add that to the $344 they contributed in September, that’s nearly $750 in two months.

If you’re wondering how this helps, one of the things your contributions help fund is the feeding of the cats at The Cat Cafe. The Rescue House only feeds its cats high quality food. At The Cat Cafe, we go through eight cans of wet food and two pounds of dry food every day. So your contributions literally go to feeding the kitties.

We also sent one cat home in October, Sierra. Like many of our cats who get adopted, her adopter wasn’t planning on taking a cat home. But Sierra had different plans, and when she chose her adopter, he felt like he had no choice.

As cats go home, we bring new cats in. We’d like to introduce you to the two newest members of the clowder. They’re a brother and sister who came from a litter of kittens named after beans. Meet Pinto and Rocket. They’re both going on a year.

Pinto is smaller than her brother. When the cats initially arrived, we thought they were both boys and we wondered why Pinto was so much smaller. Once we learned Pinto is a girl, it all made sense. Her small size means that she can be a little feisty with other cats. She’s not aggressive about it. Pinto just lets them know not to mess with her. But she’s very friendly with people, and right after she hisses at another cat to tell them to back off, she’ll accept pets and start to purr.

Rocket is aptly named. You’ll see him rocketing around the playpen when he’s playing. And when he sees a toy he likes, he will launch himself at it like a rocket. But don’t worry, when he’s not chasing things around, he’s happy to sit by you and accept pets. He even likes hopping into laps and purring.

Come on by and meet the new arrivals to The Cat Cafe and say hi to some of your favorites who have been around a while. We look forward to seeing you!

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