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The Cat Cafe Raises $309 For the Rescue House in November

November was a busy month for us at The Cat Cafe. We had a few large conventions come in, which makes things busy. In addition, we had the Thanksgiving holiday.

That allowed us to raise $309 for The Rescue House from our customers. We want to thank them for their generosity. These contributions go to help The Rescue House cover expenses like food, vet fees, and other supplies. Because we have generous customers at The Cat Cafe, they’re able to help more cats.

We also sent one cat home in November. Some people might be concerned that we’re seeing a lower number of cat adoptions. We’re not. Remember, we have a number of bonded pairs available for adoptions. That means we need an adopter who is willing to take in two cats.

We also have a number of black cats, and some special needs cats living with us at The Cat Cafe. Sadly, because of outdated superstitions, black colored cats take longer to get adopted. And it’s even more difficult with special needs cats.

That’s okay, though. We’ll make sure these cats enjoy their time at The Cat Cafe for as long as it takes. We want to make sure they find the right now, not just any home.

It took a while for our November adoption, Sunny, to find the right home. He was playful and friendly, but his obsession with people food made it difficult to find a home for him. Finally, the right person came by and decided to work with Sunny’s food issue. We’re glad it finally happened, but we do miss him.

And we’ll be very happy when the cats we have in right now at The Cat Cafe get adopted. But until then, we’ll enjoy their company and you can, too!

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