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The Cat Cafe Sends Eight Cats Home in March 2019

March was a busy month for us at The Cat Cafe. Not only did we have spring break, which brought a lot of visitors, but we had a lot of cats going home. Some of them were long term residents. In March 2019, we sent home Cadu, Sombrera, Rey, Lotus, Vicki, Spike, Constantina and Norman. We will miss these cats, but sending them home is one of the goals here at The Cat Cafe.

In addition, our visitors were generous and they helped us generate $463 in contributions for The Rescue House. That money does many things, including keeping the cats residing at The Cat Cafe fed with high quality food.

With cats going out, we have a lot of new cats coming in. We’ll introduce you to them here.

First up is a bonded pair of cats, Daisy and Marlin. These two cats are four years old. Daisy is the one you’ll likely see the most of. She likes to spend her days up high in one of the cradles from Urban Feline. And she’s a talker, with a surprisingly loud meow.

Marlin is more reserved than his sister. It took a while for him to start spending time in the playpen so that visitors to The Cat Cafe could see him. But he’s definitely open to interacting with people. When he’s in the mood, he’ll leap at wand toys.

Stratton is a young cat, and we don’t bring cats younger than her into The Cat Cafe. She’s seven months old, and she’s an energetic and playful cat. If you can get her to stop playing with wand toys and get a chance to pet her, it’s really easy to get her purr motor going.

Roz and Bean came to us after being pulled from a feral colony. They made their way to The Rescue House, and then after spending some time in foster, they joined us at The Cat Cafe. These two cats are one year old. You won’t see much of them in the playpen, as they’re still working on getting comfortable with their new environment.

Roz is the more shy sibling. She spends her days in a hiding spot, but after hours, when we get a chance to get to interact with her, she aggressively gives us head bonks.

Bean is less cautious than Roz, but he’s shy as well. He likes giving head bonks and will let you pet him, but he insists on being up high when there are people around.

We sent two special needs cats home last month, so it only makes sense that we would bring in another one to join the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Buttercup is a five year old calico who went to The Rescue House when her person died. She’s deaf, but that doesn’t stop her from showing affection to people, even those she just met.

We don’t get Siamese cats like Tieu Ho in very often at The Cat Cafe. He’s a year old, and his name means tiger in Vietnamese. He’s a friendly cat, and he likes talking just like you’d expect from a Siamese cat. Tieu Ho will have to go to a home that’s ready for the demands of his breed.

The last two cats to join us at The Cat Cafe are a pair of brothers, Jupiter and Echo. They’re a year old, and they took next to no time to join us in the playpen. And do they ever love to play with wand toys. Get them going and they will run around the playpen until they start to pant. Don’t worry, though. Once they catch their breath, they’re ready to start again.

We hope you’ll come on by and say hello to the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe.

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