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Six Cats Find Homes Through The Cat Cafe in April 2019

It was a rainy April for us here in San Diego, but that didn’t stop visitors to The Cat Cafe from adopting cats. We sent six of them home during the month. We will miss seeing Cricket, Rally, Indie, Daniel, Hennrick, and Tito every day. But we are happy they went to homes where they’re loved.

In addition to adopting these cats, visitors contributed $362 to The Rescue House. This will help them continue their mission of helping cats find homes.

As you know, when cats leave The Cat Cafe, we bring new ones in. We wanted to introduce you to the latest arrivals.

First up is an entire family. Tiki is the mother, and she’s two years old. She and her one year old daughter Dexi and son Marley joined us together. Tiki can be feisty, and she is definitely food oriented. But that’s not a surprise since she had to work hard to find food as a cat on the streets.

Dexi has long, soft fur, and she loves to be pet. She’s also playful, and you’ll find her chasing other cats or wand toys when she’s in the mood.

Marley is more mellow than his sister, but you’ll sometimes find them grooming each other. And when Marley is in the mood, he’s a big lap cat. He has spent hours hopping from lap to lap of visitors to The Cat Cafe.

Just to confuse you, in addition to the mother Tiki, we have a second Tiki spending time with us at The Cat Cafe. She’s a year old, and she’s a playful one. Start dragging a wand toy on the floor and there’s a good chance she’ll be pouncing on it.

Another playful cat you’ll find at The Cat Cafe is Poppi. This one year old girl likes to let you know she’s done playing by lying down next to you and purring while she relaxes or goes to sleep.

And since we have two cats named Tiki, why not have two cats who are mothers? Gaia is about three years old. People who ran a bookstore noticed her coming around and they took care of her. One day, they realized she was pregnant. They sought help, and The Rescue House was able to take her in. She was a good mother not only to her kittens, but to orphaned ones. Now that her kitten raising days are over, Gaia is looking for a home of her own.

The last cat to join us at The Cat Cafe is Hilda. She took next to no time to make herself familiar with the playpen. And you’ll find that this one year old cat is just as inquisitive about pretty much everything. Visitors already love her playful and entertaining nature.

We hope you’ll visit our new arrivals to The Cat Cafe soon!

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