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The Cat Cafe Sends Eight Cats Home in October 2021

Things tend to calm down from the busy summer season by October. But still, we at The Cat Cafe were able to send seven cats home in October 2021. We will miss having Salem, Conchita, Pandita, Skittles, Cosmos, Hestia and Capone around. But we’re glad they went home.

In addition to taking these seven cats home, visitors to The Cat Cafe contributed $188 to help The Rescue House continue to send cats to good homes.

With these cats going home, more cats came in to join the clowder at The Cat Cafe. We’ll introduce you to them.

The first three cats we’ll highlight are three siblings who came to us from Imperial County. They are Abbey, Adella and Dior. They’re part of a litter of five cats who were helped by a kind elderly person before going to The Rescue House and then to us. They’re all around a year old.

The first one we’ll introduce you to is Abbey. She’s the most adventurous of the three and she can be found up high. Sometimes, she gets a little more adventurous than we would like and starts a tightrope act on the pipes.

Meet Abbey at The Cat Cafe


It’s a little difficult to tell Abbey apart from her sister, Adella. Adella is a little smaller and her eyes are not quite as big and expressive as Abbey’s.

Meet Adella at The Cat Cafe


The boy in this trio is Dior. He’s not only different because of his gender, but because he’s the long hair in the group.

Meet Dior at The Cat Cafe


After Salem went home on Halloween, we were missing a house panther from the clowder at The Cat Cafe. That changed when Larry joined us. Larry had two brothers, Curly and Moe. He was the protector of the three, and whenever he perceived a threat to the group, he was the one who said “why I ought to” to scare away whatever caused his concern.

Meet Larry at The Cat Cafe


Finally, there’s Jack-O. He’s got some long legs, and he’s enjoying stretching them out as he struts through the cat room. He’s a friendly boy, too, and he loves to use those legs to hop into the laps of people he likes.

Meet Jack-O at The Cat Cafe


Come on by and say hi to the new members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Or, you can spend time with long time residents Jacey and Leo. Either way, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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