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The Cat Cafe Sends Seven Cats Home in November 2021

When we were ready to write this post, we thought that we wouldn’t have too many adoptions to tell you about for the month of November 2021. After all, there was Thanksgiving and then right after that there was Comic-Con Special Edition, which meant it was going to be difficult to find parking for those who wanted to take cats home. But we ended up with seven adoptions for the month. We’re going to miss seeing Vision, Tito, Conchita, Pandita, Dinah, Snowball and Karma around The Cat Cafe. We’re glad that they’re in a home of their own.

And visitors who came through The Cat Cafe during the month of November donated $182 to The Rescue House. We’re grateful that our visitors want to help our partner continue their good work.

As always, when cats leave The Cat Cafe, new cats arrive. Let’s tell you about the newest arrivals. They’re a couple of bonded pairs.

First up is the pair of Loki and Tyrion. They’re aptly named because Loki sure loves getting into mischief. He enjoys chasing toys around and pouncing on his brother. Tyrion can handle it because he’s a little bigger. That of course makes his name kind of not fit, since he’s not a dwarf by any stretch of the imagination. But these two cats are a lot of fun and they’ll be sure to entertain whoever adopts them from The Cat Cafe.

Meet Loki and Tyrion at The Cat Cafe

Loki and Tyrion

The second bonded pair is a brother and sister pair who are about six months old. They remind us a little of long term resident Jeeves and his best friend Freddie. Mr. Mustachio is a black and white cat who is a little more cautious than his sister, Sissy Missy.

Meet Mr. Mustachio at The Cat Cafe

Mr. Mustachio

Meet Sissy Missy at The Cat Cafe

Sissy Missy

We’ll be bringing in additional cats soon to join the clowder at The Cat Cafe. As always, please make a reservation and join us to meet new members of the clowder and some old friends. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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