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The Cat Cafe Sends Five Cats Home in April

We’re enjoying our partnership with The Rescue House here at The Cat Cafe. And we especially enjoy sending the cats they send us to good homes. In the month of April, we sent five cats to good homes. Customers adopted Tessa, Della, Magda, Arlow, and Dora in April.

Arlow Is One of Five Cats Adopted from The Cat Cafe in April 2017

Arlow Is One of Five Cats Adopted from The Cat Cafe in April 2017

We were especially happy about Arlow’s adoption, because it meant he was reunited with a fellow alumni from The Cat Cafe. Arlow joined his friend Rue, and the two of them are acting just like they did at The Cat Cafe. They play, run around, and entertain their people most of the day!

In addition to sending five cats home, The Cat Cafe raised $284 for The Rescue House. This money will allow The Rescue House to continue its mission of finding homes for unwanted, homeless, abandoned, and abused cats.

“We’re glad that we’re continuing to send cats to good homes,” said Tony Wang, General Manager of The Cat Cafe. “It’s especially gratifying to reunite two almuni from The Cat Cafe. If Rue and Arlow play in their new home like they did here, they are going to be a very entertaining pair. We’re not sure if their adopters will be able to get any sleep, though!”

With the five adoptions in the month of April, The Cat Cafe has now sent 231 cats home since opening in January 2015. We’re happy that we’ve been able to help enrich the lives of the people who adopted these cats. We’re also happy that we have been able to help free up some much needed space with our partner animal welfare organizations.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve still got plenty of cats for you to hang out with here. Come on in, enjoy your food and drink, and have fun with our cats. Maybe you will join the 231 others who have decided they wanted to take a four legged friend home!

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