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The Cat Cafe Sends Five Cats Home in May 2019

May is when business starts to pick up for the summer at The Cat Cafe. We get a lot of people starting to visit who don’t live in the San Diego area, and who can’t adopt. But we still sent five cats home in May 2019. One the adoptions we did was our first three cat adoption, when Dexi, Marley, and Tiki all went home. In addition to this family, who we at The Cat Cafe are so excited to have been able to keep together, we sent home Tieu Ho and Buttercup.

In addition, visitors to The Cat Cafe donated $350 to The Rescue House in May. This will help The Rescue House continue to find homes for cats throughout the San Diego area.

When cats go home, new cats arrive. Meet the new arrivals at The Cat Cafe.

We’ll first introduce you to two bonded pairs of brothers. And to make things even more fun, three of them are tuxedo cats.

Manny and Mateo are the first bonded pair we’ll introduce you to. These two year old boys were returned to The Rescue House after their family had to deploy quickly and didn’t have time to find a new home for them. Upon their return, The Rescue House noticed these two cats had issues with their hips and sent them in for surgery. That’s why you’ll notice shaved fur on them.

Manny is all black, and he only had one hip operated on. He likes getting up high, and he he is the more athletic of the two cats.

Mateo had both hips operated on, and in an interesting development, he’s the one whose shave looks less obvious. Twice the fur came off, but it’s less obvious than on his brother.

The next bonded pair of brothers is Fox and Wolf. They’re a year old, and when you see them, it’s pretty obvious why these two cats have to go to a home together. Fox is the one on the left, with an all black nose. Wolf has more white on his face.

Jeanette is about a year old, and recently weaned her litter of kittens. That’s why you’ll have to watch your food around her. She’s always looking for food. Not surprisingly, as a calico, she’s happy to tell customers at The Cat Cafe how much she wants that food.

Up next is another year old mother, Talia. Talia raised a litter of seven kittens, which is why we tell visitors to make sure to only pet her head and shoulders. She doesn’t like having below her shoulders touched. And after enduring having seven kittens nurse on her, we don’t blame her.

The latest member of the clowder is Solange. She’s about a year old as well, and she’s got soft, fluffy black fur. She’s also still getting used to the space, so there’s a good chance you won’t see her on your visit to The Cat Cafe. But if you’re interested in adopting, we’ll see if we can make an introduction.

We hope you will come on by to meet the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe or say hi to some cats who have been here for longer.

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