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The Cat Cafe Sends Four Cats Home in July

July is always a busy month for us at The Cat Cafe. The summer vacation season is underway, so we get a lot of people visiting from out of town. And then there is Comic-Con, where 135,000 of our best friends visit. We have to suspend adoptions during the Comic-Con craziness because it’s just not fair to the cats or their adopters.

That’s why we were happy to have sent four cats home in July. We’ll miss spending time with Frankie and Levi and our blind cat Nikki and her seeing eye sister Ricochet. But we’re glad we sent them to a good home.

In addition, we’re happy to have generous customers who helped raise $663 for The Rescue House. This money will go towards helping The Rescue House continue its mission of helping cats in need find good homes.

When cats leave The Cat Cafe, The Rescue House works hard to bring in new ones. We’ll introduce you to the cats who arrived recently at The Cat Cafe.

We’ve got two pairs of bonded siblings with us at The Cat Cafe. The bonded sisters are named Janelle and Robyn. These two one year old tuxedo cats have been through a lot in a short life. They both got pregnant, and they helped each other raise their litters.

After they did this, The Rescue House helped find homes for their kittens. And then when they were ready, these two sisters came to The Cat Cafe.

The other bonded pair of siblings we have in are A.J. and Brian. These one year old ginger boys thought they had a forever home. But then their adopters had to move. After trying to make it work, these people had to give up these two boys.

At first, Brian was the more outgoing and social of the two brothers. He was the first in the playpen and the first to introduce himself to visitors to The Cat Cafe. And he’s kept his friendly attitude with customers.

A.J. took a little longer to come out and spend time in the playpen, but now he demands attention from visitors to The Cat Cafe.

Both of these boys are very fun, too, and love to play with wand toys. We wish they got to stay with their adopters, but since they couldn’t, we’re glad we got them.

The last member of The Cat Cafe clowder we’ll introduce you to is Livvy. She hasn’t yet spent much time in the playpen when we’re open, but she’s starting to explore it after hours. Livvy was living in a place where people don’t bother to spay or neuter the cats there, and so they reproduce constantly. A kind person saves as many of the cats as they can. And one year old Livvy got lucky.

We hope you enjoyed meeting the latest members of The Cat Cafe’s clowder. Come on in to visit them soon!

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