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The Cat Cafe Sends Six Cats Home in June

June was a busy month for adoptions at The Cat Cafe. We sent six cats, including two bonded pairs, home during the month. First, we sent long term residents Jayden and Justine home. Next up was another bonded pair, Onyx and Rhonda. After that, we sent a relatively shy cat home, Twyla. And we closed out the month by sending a special needs cat home. Blanco managed to find someone who decided his loud voice due to his deafness wasn’t a problem and went home with them.

In addition to sending these cats home, visitors to The Cat Cafe contributed $488 to The Rescue House. These generous contributions help The Rescue House continue to help save adoptable cats.

With so many cats going out, naturally, a lot of cats came in. And we’ve got a few bonded pairs to replace the two that went home. First, there’s the mother and son pair of Alexis and Anthony. Alexis is two and her son is a year old. Anthony is the more outgoing of the two and is a little bit of a goof.

Meet Anthony at The Cat Cafe


Alexis is a little more reserved than her son, and she’s got a leaky tear duct in one of her eyes. Don’t worry, she’s very happy to let you wipe away the dried tears and massage to make it feel better.

Meet Alexis at The Cat Cafe


We’ve got another mother and son pair with us at The Cat Cafe, Gwendolyn and Gunner. Gwendolyn is a young mom, at only about a year and a half old. She’s a little more reserved than her son, but very friendly. And Gunner, at about eight months, can be a hyper little guy. But he’s a lot of fun to watch when he gets going!

Meet Gwendolyn and Gunner at The Cat Cafe

Gwendolyn (left) and Gunner (right)

Zoro started out his life on the wrong foot. He was found as a stray, and then taken to a high kill shelter. Fortunately for him, that is when things started to change. The Rescue House pulled him and his now adopted brother from that shelter. Soon, Zoro made his way to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Zoro at The Cat Cafe


In addition to the two mothers we told you about already, we’ve got three other cats who raised kittens. The oldest one of them is Lily. Before she arrived at The Cat Cafe, she raised a litter of kittens by a school in Tijuana. The Rescue House found homes for all of her kittens, and now this sweet white cat is looking for a home of her own.

Meet Lily at The Cat Cafe


Rosette faced a lot of challenges in her short life. She’s only about seven months old, and she was found trying to raise a litter of five kittens while fending for herself. Fortunately, kind people took her in. Now that her kittens have been adopted, it’s her turn. But she looks like a kitten herself as you can see from this picture.

Meet Rosette at The Cat Cafe


The last mother we’ll introduce you to is Elsie. She’s only recently finished nursing her kittens, and she’s still got a little fur missing because of it. But Elsie isn’t waiting for the fur to grow back before she starts getting people’s attention. She likes to sample people’s food and drink. So make sure you watch yours around her!

Meet Elsie at The Cat Cafe


When people see Emelia, they wonder if she’s related to one of our other cats. She’s not, but they do look a lot alike. This brown tabby doesn’t like to get pet below her shoulders, so watch to be sure you don’t get a warning swat from her.

Meet Emelia at The Cat Cafe


And the most recent arrival at The Cat Cafe is Sunny. This guy is a brave boy, because he started coming out and hanging out with us in the playpen during the peak days of Comic-Con. He’s still settling in, but he’s extremely friendly.

Meet Sunny at The Cat Cafe


Come in and say hello to the new cats to arrive at The Cat Cafe! We look forward to seeing you.

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