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The Cat Cafe Sends Six Cats Home in October 2019

October is when things settle in for us at The Cat Cafe. The crowds from the summer are gone. And as people settle in to the school year, we see more people from the local universities.

That doesn’t mean we don’t continue to adopt out cats, though. We sent six cats home in October. Georgia, John, Constantina, Catya, Pastel and Penny all went home in October. And our visitors, though not as numerous as in the summer, were generous. They donated $285 to help The Rescue House continue its mission of finding homes for adoptable cats.

As cats go home, we bring new ones in. And that’s why we want to introduce you to the newest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Jack at The Cat Cafe


Jack is the second FIV positive cat to join us at The Cat Cafe. He’s two years old, and in an interesting coincidence, he’s also a tuxedo cat. He has a cloudy eye because he suffered from a bad infection when he was on the street. He can see just fine, and he’s happy to sit by you and purr when he feels comfortable with you.

Meet Rochelle at The Cat Cafe


The next cat to arrive at The Cat Cafe is Rochelle. She’s the opposite of Jack, who’s a big guy. Rochelle is a year old and she’s tiny. This is because she had a litter of kittens and didn’t have enough to eat. She was so malnourished before The Rescue House brought her in that she couldn’t even produce milk for her kittens. Fortunately for them and her, they went to a foster home and she was given the chance to thrive.

You’ll see Rochelle literally bouncing off the walls at The Cat Cafe as she jumps around various high spots in the playpen. If you’re looking for an high energy cat, she’s the right one for you.

Meet Estella at The Cat Cafe


Estella is also a mother. She had a litter of four kittens that she was raising on the street before The Rescue House took her in. After raising her kittens, she joined us at The Cat Cafe. You’ll notice this two year old doesn’t have a tail. Don’t worry, it’s not because of an accident. She’s a manx cat and they don’t have tails.

Meet Sunshine at The Cat Cafe


The last cat to join the clowder at The Cat Cafe is Sunshine. This ten year old is a mix between a Siamese and snowshoe. He’s been through a lot. He lost his person, and he and the other 18 cats in the home went to San Diego Humane Society. As an older cat, he didn’t do well in a shelter environment, so he made his way to The Rescue House.

After living in a foster home, Sunshine came to The Cat Cafe. He’s still adapting to the environment, but he’s getting more playful and confident every day.

We hope that you’ll come visit us to see the newest members of our clowder and to say hello to some old favorites.

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