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Three Cats Adopted From The Cat Cafe in November 2019

It wasn’t a busy month for us when it came to adoptions at The Cat Cafe in November. We sent one bonded pair, Lupita and Luis home as well as our first FIV positive cat, Armani. We’ll miss having these cats welcome us as we arrived every day, but we’re glad they found good homes.

In addition, our visitors generously contributed $297 to help The Rescue House continue their work of helping cats find homes.

As we send home cats, new cats come in. Let’s introduce you to the newest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe.

One bonded pair went home, so it make sense that a new one would come in. Say hello to Angelina and Arianna. These two litter mates are both about a year old.

Angelina has a pretty black coat, and she had a difficult life before she made it to The Cat Cafe. She had a bad infection when she made her way to The Rescue House. It took a lot of medical care to help her get healthy. Now that she is healthy, she loves to run around the playpen and she’s happy to greet people with head bonks.

Meet Angelina at The Cat Cafe


Arianna was in better shape than her sister when The Rescue House took her in, but not by much. She was malnourished and needed a lot of care to get to a healthy weight. Now that she is healthy, she loves to play with her sister and people she likes.

Meet Arianna at The Cat Cafe


Finally, there’s Coby. This five year old boy thought he had a home but then his people got divorced. The husband took Coby with him when he moved in with a friend, and Coby stayed in that home when the husband moved out. Unfortunately, one of the children in the home developed allergies, so Coby couldn’t stay. The Rescue House took him in and then he made his way to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Coby at The Cat Cafe


We look forward to seeing you soon so that we can introduce you to the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe. You can also say hi to the others who have been here longer.

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