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The Cat Cafe Sends Three Cats Home in May 2021

We didn’t open in our new location until the last week of May. But three cats from The Cat Cafe still went home during the month. We said goodbye to Jackson, Galaxy and Oatmeal. It definitely got a little less active with out our stubby tailed black and white boys chasing each other around and we have a lot fewer surprises without Oatmeal getting into places we didn’t expect any cat to enjoy. But we’re glad they went home.

Our visitors also contributed $158 to help our animal welfare partner, The Rescue House, continue to send cats to good homes. We thank them for their generosity.

We also have a change to procedures at The Cat Cafe. As you may know, the State of California is removing most of its Covid related restrictions effective June 15. That is why we are no longer requiring customers who are fully vaccinated to wear facial coverings. We will trust our customers to continue to wear facial coverings if they are not fully vaccinated and will not be checking vaccine cards on entry.

We’re glad that we’ve made enough progress with vaccinations and tamping down the spread of Covid that we’ll be able to return to unmasked interactions with visitors to The Cat Cafe.

Now on to why you visit The Cat Cafe — the cats! Let’s introduce you to the newest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe. We have two bonded pairs and a single cat to introduce you to.

First up are Rosie and Rocco. These two brown tabbies spent the first part of their life on the streets of Tijuana before a kind person took them in. This person spent years trying to adopt the pair out unsuccessfully before contacting The Rescue House. Soon, this bonded pair made their way across the border and then to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Rosie at The Cat Cafe


Rosie is the more outgoing of the two. She is inquisitive even in new situations and soon after moving to The Cat Cafe, she started doing nightly paw patrols. Rosie would literally spend hours doing laps around the cat room. She’s happy to accept pets, but she doesn’t like being held and she can be skittish if she’s not at the same level as you.

Meet Rocco at The Cat Cafe


Rocco is more shy than his sister. He likes to observe for a while and you may find him getting up as high as he can when he wants to get away from people. But get him in the right mood and he will flop around and start drooling for you. Sometimes, when Rocco is playing, he’ll notice people watching him and then immediately hop up onto his favorite spot so that it looks like he wasn’t doing anything at all.

Our next bonded pair also came from Mexico. Clive, who is orange and white, was in a Rosarita shelter trying to make the best of his situation. Along came Clint, a black a white boy who was being cared for by someone who could no longer take care of him. The two eighteen month olds hit it off and became best friends.

Meet Clive and Clint at The Cat Cafe

Clive and Clint

Clive is the more energetic of the pair. Get him in the right mood and he will bat a ball all around the room. He’s entertained many visitors to The Cat Cafe and he eventually teaches his admirers to fetch for him! Clint is more likely to be found in his favorite cradle, observing what’s going on or taking a nap. That doesn’t mean he won’t play. In fact, the two buddies get into vigorous wrestling matches.

Meet Alice at The Cat Cafe


The final cat to join our clowder is Alice. She’s a Siamese mix who was pulled from a hoarding situation when she was pregnant. She gave birth to a single kitten. Alice raised her boy and now it’s her turn to enjoy getting the attention she didn’t get earlier in her life. She’s cautious but loves to give head bonks to people she trusts.

We look forward to welcoming our fully vaccinated visitors to The Cat Cafe sans mask. Hopefully, the smiles the cats will see on your faces will be as enjoyable for them as the cats are for you.

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