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We’re Back!

It’s been a while, but we’re glad to say that The Cat Cafe is back! Those of you who have made reservations know that we’ll be fully open at our new location at 302 Island Avenue starting Monday, May 24. And we’re glad to be able to tell everyone that we’ll be open for coffee only on Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23. We want to make sure things go smoothly over the weekend before we reopen The Cat Cafe fully.

We’ll open for coffee only starting at 9 AM on Saturday and Sunday. Depending on traffic, we may close before our normal closing time of 4 PM. Visitors will be able to enjoy coffee drinks from Cafe Virtuoso. We won’t have pastries, sandwiches or cookies until next week.

And while visitors won’t be able to enter the cat room over the weekend, we’ve got two windows that will allow them to look in to see what the cats are doing.

Speaking of the cats, it’s time to tell you about the newest arrivals at The Cat Cafe. We’ve got two bonded pairs of brothers we need to introduce you to.

The first pair of bonded brothers is a fluffy pair of three year old brown and white cats, Bender and Nibbler. It’s easy to tell the two of them apart. Bender is darker and a little smaller than his brother. He also was more outgoing when he arrived although not by much.

Meet Bender at The Cat Cafe


Nibbler is a little bigger than his brother and his fur is a little lighter.

Meet Nibbler at The Cat Cafe


These two boys lost their human mother and needed a new home. The Rescue House learned of their dilemma and stepped in to help. That’s when the brothers made their way to The Cat Cafe and settled in quickly. You’ll find the two of them wandering through the cat room with their tails straight up in the air, looking for attention, pets, and play.

Speaking of tails, one of the first things people notice about the other bonded pair of brothers at The Cat Cafe is their stumpy tails. Jackson and Galaxy are one year old brothers who were wandering the streets of Tijuana. A kind person found Jackson and took him in. A few days later, they found another black and white cat with a stumpy tail and knew these two were brothers.

Jackson is the more cautious of the two, but he’s far from shy. He gets used to things quickly and then he’ll start exploring high places. If you’ve got a tall cat tree like we do at The Cat Cafe, he’ll head for it quickly. You can tell him apart from his brother by the black fur under his chin.

Meet Jackson at The Cat Cafe


Galaxy is a little more adventurous and curious than his brother. He quickly started darting around the cat room, exploring and finding things that intrigued him. And once he got used to the space, he started demanding attention from the people who were around. Don’t be surprised if this guy wants to know what you’re working on, and he may even try to help.

We’re glad we’ll be able to welcome you in to see these cats and the rest of the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Thanks for being patient with us as we worked to reopen. We look forward to seeing you in person soon!




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