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The Cat Cafe Clowder Adds Ten Cats

With The Rescue House now providing cats to The Cat Cafe, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we had a lot of new cats arrive. The only cat who is left from before the transition is Jacey. She’s here as a breed ambassador, showing that bengal cats are not the threats to wildlife and people that some misguided individuals claimed when trying to ban them in California.

We’ve got ten new cats to introduce you to. First up is Mary Ann. She’s a five year old girl who loves interacting with people, but who demands that other cats give her some space. She isn’t aggressive towards other cats but she will let them know if they get too close.

Meet Mary Ann at The Cat Cafe

Mary Ann

Tolliver is a friendly cat who is a year and seven months old. He arrived at The Cat Cafe after being pulled from Imperial County. We think he’s a Siamese mix, not just because of his coloration, but because he loves to talk.

Meet Tolliver at The Cat Cafe


Nathan is one of the resident house panthers at The Cat Cafe. He’s a four year old guy who wasn’t able to go with his people when they moved. If Nathan trusts you, he’s a very loving cat and he’ll give you lots of head bonks and purrs.

Meet Nathan at The Cat Cafe


Have you ever wondered what a polydactyl cat looks like? Now is your chance to find out. Dora is our resident polydactyl and she’s got seven toes on each front paw. She likes to use those extra toes to grab on to things. Not surprisingly, this four year old loves playing with string toys.

Meet Dora at The Cat Cafe


Arlow is the youngest member of The Cat Cafe clowder. He’s a little under a year, and he’s definitely rambunctious and fun. You’ll find this guy running around and chasing toys until he gets tired. Then he curls up for a nap. But as soon as he’s awake, he’s right back at it. He gives Jacey a run for her money as the most energetic cat here.

Meet Arlow at The Cat Cafe


Next up is Andrew. This guy, who is going on five, lived a pretty rough life before he made his way here. Andrew was injured in a cat fight while living on the street. As he recovered, his personality came out and he showed how loving he can be. He’s a little leery of other cats, but not in an aggressive way. As long as they respect his personal space, everything is fine.

Meet Andrew at The Cat Cafe


Boo is a big boy. This eight year old guy is likely part Maine coon, but we don’t have any papers so we can’t say for sure. He’s a friendly cat, although he’s a little shy initially. When we have to move Boo from places he doesn’t belong, he doesn’t struggle at all. We think he’s the gentle giant of The Cat Cafe.

Meet Boo at The Cat Cafe


It wouldn’t be a cat cafe without an orange kitty, would it? That’s why we’re glad we have Bronze here. Orange cats have the reputation of being very friendly and fun. Our four year old ginger is a little shy, but he loves to be pet. And if he really likes you, he’ll drool when you pet him.

Meet Bronze at The Cat Cafe


Herkie has an unusual name. We think someone named him Hercules initially but then shortened it. It doesn’t matter to this seven year old house panther. He’s a shy one, and it may take a while for you to get to interact with him here at The Cat Cafe. But it is well worth the effort!

Meet Herkie at The Cat Cafe


And the tenth member of our clowder here at The Cat Cafe is Whiskers. He is also the oldest cat here, at nine years. No, you are not seeing double. That is not Andrew. Whiskers looks a lot like Andrew but he’s much more tolerant of other cats. And he enjoys interacting with people, too.

Meet Whiskers at The Cat Cafe


We’ve got quite a few new cats for you to meet here. Come visit The Cat Cafe and say hello to them! If you’re planning on coming during the weekend and don’t want to wait, make a reservation.

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