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The Cat Café Partners with Rescue House for Adoptable Cats

Since The Cat Café opened in January 2015, we have partnered with San Diego Humane Society for adoptable cats. Our partnership has been an extremely productive and enjoyable one. We’ve adopted out 219 cats, which helped free up much needed space at our partner’s facility. And we’re glad to have played a role in helping San Diego Humane Society with its goal of Getting to Zero.

Dean Was Adopted At The Cat Cafe

One of the 219 Adoptions of San Diego Humane Society Cats The Cat Cafe Has Completed

When The Cat Cafe opened, San Diego Humane Society didn’t have as many Neighborhood Adoption Centers. In order to help find more homes for adoptable animals, San Diego Humane Society expanded the number of Neighborhood Adoption Centers. Adding an additional five Petco and PetSmart locations helped find more homes for adoptable cats. But it also made it next to impossible for San Diego Humane Society to provide enough cats to all of its partners.

That is why effective February 11, 2017, The Cat Cafe will partner with The Rescue House for adoptable cats.

“Our partnership with San Diego Humane Society has been a strong one. They’ve been extremely responsive and helpful during the more than two years we’ve been working with them. They helped us get things going when we were in the planning stages, and they’ve been extremely supportive. Unfortunately, the demand for adoptable animals has escalated to a point where they just can’t keep up. That’s why we’ll be working with Rescue House for adoptable cats moving forward,” said Tony Wang, General Manager of The Cat Café

“We have a win-win-win arrangement for adoptable cats,” said Sarah Thompson, Director of Corporate Adoption Partnerships for San Diego Humane Society. “The Rescue House will now have a location — The Cat Café for showcasing rescued cats for adoption. Patrons of The Cat Café can continue interacting with cats in a friendly, social environment, and SDHS can honor the partnership we enjoy with Petco. There’s no shortage of cats in need of homes, but we’re limited in the number of cats who enjoy living at an offsite facility where they are greeted by many people throughout the day. Our most outgoing cats who thrive in these types of settings go to our offsite adoption locations.”

“We are very excited to join with The Cat Café as their adoption partner,” said Joan Star, Director of The Rescue House. This is such a wonderful way to have adoptable cats that are waiting to find their forever home, do so in a comfortable, expansive, homelike environment where they receive attention and love from the patrons of The Cat Café. And the patrons of The Cat Café receive attention and love from the cats. This is a winning combination that we are honored to be a part of.”

While San Diego Humane Society won’t be providing us with cats anymore, The Cat Cafe will continue to support their mission to Inspire Compassion. And from a customer perspective, there won’t be any difference. Customers will continue to enjoy their locally roasted coffee and espresso drinks in the company of friendly cats.

If you have any questions, please let us know. And we look forward to seeing you in The Cat Cafe soon!

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