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Three Cats Go Home in February

In the month of February, The Cat Cafe sent three cats home. We sent home a long term resident, Monty. We definitely miss Monty and his loud yowls that would set off the sound monitor. After a while, we started to call him our Wookie cat because he sounded like Chewbacca from Star Wars. But we’re glad this special cat went home.

In addition to Monty, we sent the bonded pair of Josie and Mozart home. It’s always interesting to see what happens when people visit The Cat Cafe looking to adopt. Initially, this pair’s adopters thought they’d adopt Fig. But it turned out Josie and Mozart were the two cats for them.

We’re also glad that our customers who weren’t able to take a cat home donated $362 to The Rescue House. The money they’ll receive will help pay for food, medical care, and other needs for the cats in their care.

With some cats leaving, we’ve got new cats to introduce you to at The Cat Cafe. Two cats came in, and we’re looking for a third one to join them. For now, we’ll introduce you to Cornflake and Stella.

Meet Cornflake at The Cat Cafe


Cornflake was part of a feral colony living in an industrial area. His caretaker noticed that he was more receptive to human interaction than the other cats. They decided to give Cornflake a chance to live a better life inside. And this eight month old boy took it.

He loves the sound of a food can opening, and will run right to the food dish when he hears that sound. Cornflake does well with other cats and he loves to talk to people he knows and trusts.

Meet Stella at The Cat Cafe


The other cat who joined us at The Cat Cafe is Stella. Stella came from a feral colony in Hemet. She was severely malnourished and had mites when she was trapped to be spayed. During the time she spent with people to get healthy enough for that surgery, she started liking and trusting people.

There’s a feisty side to this one year old tortie, but you’d expect nothing less. When she does get to know and like you, she’ll start to talk a lot. And she gets along with other cats very well. The welcoming committee of Jayden and Justine walked right up to her and she didn’t fuss too much.

Come by and meet these two new members of the clowder here at The Cat Cafe. We look forward to welcoming you in soon!

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