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The Cat Cafe Sends Seven Cats Home in December

During December, The Cat Cafe gets a lot of visitors for the holidays. We’re always happy to have this influx of visitors who get to meet our San Diego Humane Society cats. Some of them fall in love with the cats and then they go home. What better way to close out the year than with a new four legged family member?

Sunflower Was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


The first adoption we completed in December was for a special needs cat named Sunflower. Sunflower arrived at The Cat Cafe after surgery to correct an eye condition called entropion.

We had a number of veterinarians come through because of the CVC San Diego, and they all commented on how his surgery was very successful. Even though some visitors expressed concerns over the scabs from the surgery, we left them alone. We didn’t want to pick off the scabs and potentially reopen the wounds.

“We’re always happy when we send any cat home,” said Tony Wang, general manager of The Cat Cafe. “But when it’s a special needs cat, it’s even better. Often, adopters overlook them. So we really enjoy it when someone sees past their medical condition and decides to adopt!”

In addition, The Cat Cafe raised $294 in contributions for San Diego Humane Society. “We also really enjoy helping raise money to help our partner with its mission to ‘Inspire Compassion’ throughout San Diego County,” added Wang.

“Our partnership with The Cat Café has been instrumental in finding homes for our cats much quicker,” said Sarah Thompson, Director of Corporate Adoption Partnerships at San Diego Humane Society. “Not only does it open up more space at San Diego Humane Society so we’re able to take in more animals in need of immediate care but it also provides additional socialization and a new environment to be seen by potential adopters. We’re so grateful for this partnership and every person who chooses to adopt!”

We look forward to seeing you visit us at The Cat Cafe throughout 2017. Help us kick off the new year right and see if you fall in love with one of our feline friends.

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