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Two Cats from El Centro Join The Clowder

Visitors to The Cat Cafe know that we have fewer cats than we like right now. San Diego Humane Society simply does not have the number of cats they typically have in. We’re fortunate that they understand that we must have cats or we don’t have a business. Some of their other neighborhood adoption centers do not have any cats at all. And if you walk through their main campus, you’ll see there are lots of adoption rooms with only one or two cats.

That doesn’t mean they’re not working hard to get cats for customers at The Cat Cafe to interact with. Recently, they stepped in to help Imperial County Humane Society, whose shelter was nearing capacity. They made the long drive out to El Centro, and brought back a number of cats. Two of these cats made a much shorter trip to The Cat Cafe. And after they made such a long journey, it’s only fitting that they have long names.

Meet Countess Purrington at The Cat Cafe

Countess Purrington

First up is Countess Purrington, and is she ever appropriately named. This brown tabby didn’t take long to work her way into the staff’s heart. She’s about two years old, and she’s a big girl, tipping the scales at 15 pounds. While she’s heavier than she should be, one thing we don’t want to see get smaller on her is her heart. She’s got a cute little meow, and when she gets to know you, you’ll hear that little meow. And that’s how you’ll learn why she got her name, because she’ll purr like crazy when you pet her.

Meet Professor Popcorn at The Cat Cafe

Professor Popcorn

The second cat to make the trip from El Centro to The Cat Cafe via San Diego Humane Society is Professor Popcorn. Our professor is three years old, and he weighs around 13 pounds. He’s a little more shy and will take more time to warm up to you and play than most. But people who are willing to take that time will be rewarded by a handsome cat head bonking them. We’re not sure how he got his name, but we really don’t mind because it’s pretty cute!

Even with the reinforcements, we still have fewer cats than we would like on site. We’re working hard to bring more of them in, and we appreciate your patience while we do this. Come on in to see these new arrivals and hang out with old friends at The Cat Cafe!

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