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The Cat Cafe Sends Five Cats Home In November

With November coming to a close and the end of the year in sight, The Cat Cafe continued to send adoptable cats from San Diego Humane Society to good homes. In the month of November, The Cat Cafe completed five adoptions.

Stewie was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


“This was a slow month from the adoption perspective,” said Tony Wang, general manager of The Cat Cafe. “However, we’ve heard from multiple animal welfare organizations throughout San Diego that adoptions were slow in November. We hope that December will see a pick up in our adoption rate. Still, we’re happy that we sent five cats to good homes.”

The Cat Cafe also raised $220 for San Diego Humane Society during the month. “Instead of soliciting tips for our employees, we pay them an above market wage,” said Wang. “That means we can solicit donations for San Diego Humane Society. We believe in giving back to the community. And so we work to help raise some money to help our partner perform their life saving mission.”

In addition, The Cat Cafe introduced additional food items produced by another San Diego based company. Adam’s Lunch Box joins Cafe Virtuoso, West Coast Coffee Roasters, Bread & Cie, and The Cravory as locally based suppliers to The Cat Cafe.

“Our partnership with The Cat Café has been instrumental in finding homes for our cats much quicker,” said Sarah Thompson, Director of Corporate Adoption Partnerships at San Diego Humane Society. “Not only does it open up more space at San Diego Humane Society so we’re able to take in more animals in need of immediate care but it also provides additional socialization and a new environment to be seen by potential adopters. We’re so grateful for this partnership and every person who chooses to adopt!”

We here at The Cat Cafe enjoyed the five adoptions we completed in November. We look forward to sending a lot of cats home in December and in 2017!

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