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More Food Options Come to The Cat Cafe

Since we opened, The Cat Cafe altered the menu to suit customer tastes. Anyone remember the protein bars we used to sell when we first opened? Not too many of you would. We didn’t sell too many of them and we dropped them from our menu. And because of customer requests, we dropped the generic pastries we used to sell in favor of locally made ones from Bread & Cie.

New Food Options from Adam's Lunch Box at The Cat Cafe

New Food Options from Adam’s Lunch Box at The Cat Cafe

We’re doing something similar here at The Cat Cafe by adding a sandwich, protein tray, and fruit and yogurt parfait from Adam’s Lunch Box. You’ll see these in the refrigerator where we stock chilled drinks.

It’s taken a while for us to get these in because we wanted to find a local vendor we could work with. Once we found Adam’s Lunch Box, we knew we found the right vendor. They make their items to order the day before delivery. So when you purchase one of these items, you’re getting something freshly made right here in San Diego.

Now you can enjoy a much more substantial meal while enjoying the company of our kitties. Right now, we’ve got six cats here to hang out with you when you visit The Cat Cafe.

You may know that our partner, San Diego Humane Society, recently went to a horrendous hoarding situation in El Cajon. They pulled nearly 80 dogs from a home. All of those animals look like they will be okay but that’s required a lot of effort on the part of their staff. And that’s one of the reasons why we don’t have as many cats as we like right now.

We are working closely with San Diego Humane Society to get more cats in. Please be patient with both us and them as they resolve this difficult situation. And if you want to help them take care of these dogs, please consider making a donation.

We look forward to welcoming you in to The Cat Cafe where you can enjoy our new food items with our kitties!

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