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The Cat Cafe Welcomes Kitty Baby and M.J.

It is always a bittersweet experience here at The Cat Cafe when we send a cat to a good home. We enjoy the unique ways they greet us an interact with us. It’s a lot of fun learning about their unique personalities. We enjoy sending cats home, something we’ve done 209 times now. But we’re also sad we won’t see them anymore.

When Grey and Sunflower went home, we went through these emotions again. It was a lot of fun watching Grey blossom from a shy cat who spent most of his time hiding into a loving and playful cat who entertained visitors. We also enjoyed watching the scars from Sunflower’s entropion surgery recede. And we loved how he would entertain everyone with his antics.

But when we send cats home, new cats arrive at The Cat Cafe. And we’ve got two cats from San Diego Humane Society that we want to introduce you to.

Meet Kitty Baby at The Cat Cafe

Kitty Baby

Kitty Baby is the first new arrival. Because she’s shy, she will need some time to become really comfortable with visitors. When her people moved to a home where cats are not allowed, this two year old girl was surrendered. She tips the scales at nine pounds, and she is friendly and playful once she gets to know you. Kitty Baby also enjoys interacting with respectful dogs and children.

Meet M.J. at The Cat Cafe


M.J. also made the trip from San Diego Humane Society to The Cat Cafe. We’ve started to call him Big Fluffy. And the reason why we have done this should be obvious. M.J. has been adopted and returned three times. We’re going to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Any adopter will have to show that they can interact with this seven year old, 15 pound boy on his own terms. And they’ll have to make sure that they help him lose weight. But if they do that, they’ll have a very sweet and loving feline in their home!

Come visit us at The Cat Cafe and say hello to these two new cats and some old time favorites!

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