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Meet the Five New Cats in Our Clowder

It’s been a while since we introduced you to cats joining The Cat Cafe clowder. Let’s do that.

First up are a pair of ginger brothers who are about a year old, Fergus and Frankie. These two boys were trying to fend for themselves in Calexico, and they weren’t doing well. So when The Rescue House learned about them, they took the two brothers in.

Fergus Relaxing in the Playpen

Fergus is the darker of the two, and he’s a little more cautious. But when he starts to trust you, he will hop on your chest and start to purr. As soon as he’s done, though, if you reach down to pet him, he’ll trot away with his tail up in the air. You’ll have to decide for yourself if he’s actually angry or if he’s playing a game with you.

Frankie Loafing at The Cat Cafe

His brother Frankie is a little lighter, and he’s more outgoing. He definitely likes to get people to follow him to his favorite spots, and he’ll head bonk you and lead you there. You can often find Frankie relaxing in The Cat Cafe by the window.

Sarge Stretching it Out at The Cat Cafe
Sarge Stretching it Out at The Cat Cafe

For a long time, we didn’t have a lot of fluff in The Cat Cafe. But that changed when Daniel and Hennrick joined us. And now, five year old Sarge is taking the fluff factor up even more. He’s not the most active cat, but he’s friendly and enjoys being pet. He also accepted the hisses and growls on his arrival without getting too annoyed.

Sousa Relaxing at The Cat Cafe
Sousa Relaxing at The Cat Cafe

We’ve had a few young mothers in our clowder at The Cat Cafe. Sousa is the latest one. A bad kitty cold meant she and her kittens went to the euthanasia list. But The Rescue House was able to pull them and give them a chance to thrive. Sousa saw her kittens get adopted, and now she’s ready for a home of her own. She’s very inquisitive, and likes being pet by virtually anyone.

Jamie Enjoying the Playpen at The Cat Cafe
Jamie Enjoying the Playpen at The Cat Cafe

The final cat we’ll introduce you to is Jamie. He’s about a year old, and he joins two other black cats in the clowder. Jamie is a little stockier than both Lotus and Vicki, though, and he can definitely see. He’s also a cat who likes to comfort other felines, and when he senses they aren’t feeling well, he’ll give them a hug. Because he loves other cats, he has to go to a home where there’s already one living.

Come on by and meet the latest additions to The Cat Cafe clowder or say hi to some cats who have been with us a little longer.

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