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The Cat Cafe Sends Three Cats Home in December

In December, The Cat Cafe sent three cats home. Celia, Pinto, and Rocket all found homes with customers who decided they found the right cat after meeting these felines. We had a lot of fun with these cats, and we’ll of course miss seeing them running around the playpen. But we’re glad we were able to send them home.

Thanks to the generosity of our customers, we were also able to give The Rescue House $365 to continue their mission of find homes for cats. These funds will help cover food and medical expenses for some of the cats The Rescue House cares for.

With cats going home, of course that means new cats have arrived. We previously introduced you to Frankie, Fergus, Sarge, Jamie, and Sousa. In the few days that have past since we introduced you to these cats, three of them have gone home! We of course are going to miss them, but that means we have new cats for you to enjoy.

Cricket is the Newest Member of the Clowder at The Cat Cafe
Cricket is the Newest Member of the Clowder at The Cat Cafe

The newest arrival to the clowder at The Cat Cafe is Cricket. She’s a smart and active girl, and because this one year old is a tortie, she’s got tortitude. Affection is always on a cat’s terms, but with torties, it’s even more so.

Cricket was being cared for by a kind person who takes care of a feral colony. When she got sick, they contacted The Rescue House and Cricket got the care she needed to recover. Now she’s a happy and playful cat who loves to give head bonks and purrs to people she likes. And it doesn’t take much to get her to like you.

Cricket is a little skittish when she’s approached if she’s on the ground. But if she’s a little higher up, she loves being pet and will reward you with purrs.

Come on by and say hello to Cricket and the rest of the clowder at The Cat Cafe.

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