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Specials At The Cat Cafe For Comic-Con

As you all know, during Comic-Con, The Cat Cafe goes to a reservations only system for admission to the cat playpen. You are welcome to make your purchases as normal, but those will not get you in to visit with the cats like they normally do. We simply cannot accommodate everyone who wants to get in to interact with our friendly cats during Comic-Con. That’s why we’ll require reservations, which you can book here.

We will be extending our hours at The Cat Cafe during Comic-Con. Normally, we are open until 3 PM. During Comic-Con, we will extend our hours by 90 minutes and will stay open until 4:30 PM.

And when we’re open, you’ll be able to enjoy a few extra things. First, we will have our partner, The Cravory, on site. We normally have prewrapped cookies available for our customers to purchase, and we’ll still have those. These cookies are great for people who want to take them to go, because they’ll fit into a bag or a backpack easily. But in order to make sure we’ve got enough cookies on site to take care of our customers, The Cravory will be on site.

The Cat Cafe is also very happy to be partnering with USA Networks. Those who visit the Mr. Robot Experience will be able to download a special promotion. You’ll get any coffee drink and a cookie for $5. Please note that this special does not get you entry in to visit with the cats. You will need to make a reservation for that.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you enjoy the specials we’re doing around Comic-Con. It’s going to be very busy, and it’s going to be crowded. Please bring your patience when you come to see us. We definitely appreciate it and we appreciate your understanding as we change things at The Cat Cafe for Comic-Con.

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