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The Cat Cafe Sends 13 Cats Home in August 2020

In August, we had to adapt our operations to comply with the latest public health order modifications from the County of San Diego. We’re glad our visitors accepted those modifications and continued to adopt cats. We sent 13 cats from The Rescue House home in August. We’ll miss seeing Raffy, Billy, Desi, Mika, Patty Smith, Diamond, Cinnamon, Minnette, Petus, Soly, Nikita, Savannah and Lorelei wandering through the playpen at The Cat Cafe but we’re happy they got adopted. In addition, visitors contributed $307 to help The Rescue House continue to find homes for cats.

As cats go home, The Rescue House brings cats in to fill their spots. We’ll introduce you to the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Chandra at The Cat Cafe


First up is Chandra. This two year old tortie was scraping out a living for herself and her kittens on the street across the border. A kind security guard was helping her but realized she needed more than he could provide. So he got help, and Chandra got a chance to thrive with The Rescue House. Her kittens have been adopted and now it’s her turn.

Meet Tefiti at The Cat Cafe


Tefiti shares a lot with Chandra. They’re both torties and they’re both about two. And like Chandra, Tefiti needed help from a kind person when she was trying to eek out a living for both her and her kittens. Her caretaker got her the help she needed to grow and now that her kittens have been adopted, Tefiti is looking for a home of her own.

Meet Pepper at The Cat Cafe


Pepper is one of the younger members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe. She’s an active brown tabby who’s a little under a year. She came to us after a person who is helping a feral colony noticed she was friendly and got The Rescue House to help bring her inside. She loves to play, and she’s been known to play with the tail of another cat!

Meet Mitch at The Cat Cafe


Mitch almost lost his chance to thrive when his time was up at a high kill shelter. This year old orange tabby can be cautious but he’s friendly once he gets to know you. We’re glad The Rescue House was able to pull him, because we’re starting to see his personality come out and he’s going to be a fun cat for whoever takes him home.

Meet Lambchop at The Cat Cafe


Another cat who came from that high kill shelter is Mitch’s foster sister, Lambchop. She is also shy like her brother, but she’s slowly integrating herself into the clowder at The Cat Cafe. This one year old calico also fought off a potentially deadly disease before she made her way to us.

Meet Memo at The Cat Cafe


The last member of the clowder at The Cat Cafe we’ll introduce you to is Memo. He’s a fluffy one year old black cat. And he’s playful and active. You’ll see him chasing around the other cats who don’t mind it, and some who do, around the playpen. If you adopt him, you’ll need to make sure he’s got high places to climb to because he definitely enjoys it with us.

We hope that you’ll come on in to visit the newest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe and also say hi to the longer term residents as well as our permanent cats, Jacey and Leo. Thanks for supporting us and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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