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The Cat Cafe Sends Nine Cats Home in July 2020

Pre-pandemic, July would be a relatively slow month for adoptions at The Cat Café. With us losing essentially one week to do adoptions due to Comic-Con, while the number of visitors jumps, the number of adoptions usually declines. That didn’t happen this year. Because that week was available for adoptions, we sent nine cats to good homes in July. We’re glad that Karla, Alexandrite, Emmett, Freddy, Gracie, Luna, Lucky, Alexandria and Rory all found homes.

We are also grateful to visitors to The Cat Café donating $160 to help The Rescue House feed the cats who stay with us. While the number of visitors is way down, it’s good to see that those who visit are generous.

As cats go home, The Rescue House brings new cats in to join the clowder at The Cat Café. And that means we need to introduce you to the latest members of the clowder.

Meet Savannah at The Cat Cafe


First up is the smallest and youngest member of the clowder, Savannah. Believe or not, this tiny one year old gray tabby raised a litter of kittens before joining us at The Cat Café. Now that she doesn’t have to worry about her kittens anymore, she’s an active and playful girl who often does laps around the playpen just for fun.

One of the things we like to do at The Cat Café is find homes for bonded pairs of cats. We have a bonded pair of brothers, Desi and Billy. These brown tabbies are about two years old.

Meet Billy at The Cat Cafe

Billy is the bigger and darker of the two. He loves being pet and will hop into people’s laps once he’s comfortable with them. And does that purr motor ever rev up when he does.

Meet Desi at The Cat Cafe


Desi is smaller and has yellow eyes. He also likes being up high more than his brother does. Desi usually isn’t the instigator of play but when he gets going, he’s as energetic as Billy is. And it’s a lot of fun to let the brothers wrestle with each other.

Meet Patti Smith at The Cat Cafe

Patty Smith

Another cat in the clowder at The Cat Café was also a mother. Patty Smith was being cared for by a person who ran into financial problems. Once The Rescue House took her in, she was able to give birth to her five kittens in a safe place. Now that they’re grown, it’s her turn to find a good home. This two year old tortie takes a little more time to feel comfortable with people, but once she does, she’s friendly and playful.

Meet Raffy at The Cat Cafe


Raffy was living at a shelter when he came down with a bad respiratory infection. Things did not look good for him as the condition did not improve. The Rescue House pulled him from the shelter to give him the care he could not get there. And while this two year old will always have raspy breathing, he doesn’t let it slow him down. You’ll find Raffy chasing wand toys around the playpen at The Cat Café until it’s time for him to take a nap.

Meet Mika at The Cat Cafe


Finally, there’s Mika. She was looking for a place to give birth to her kittens when a kind person took her to a vet clinic. That clinic gave The Rescue House a call. Mika was able to raise six healthy and happy kittens in a foster home. Once she arrived at The Cat Café, Mika quickly showed she’s a friendly girl who enjoys pets from virtually everyone and shows it by purring.

We look forward to seeing you here soon to say hello to the newest members of our clowder or to say hello to some of your old favorites. Thanks for supporting The Cat Café during these challenging times.

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