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The Cat Cafe Sends Six Cats Home in September 2020

Normally in September, we start to wind things down after the busy summer season. However, we’re still dealing with Covid, which meant we actually continued to get busier. It’s a strange world we live in these days.

Still, we sent six cats to good homes in September. We enjoyed spending time with Avery, Abigail, Ross, Pepper, Chandra and Memo. But we’re glad we were able to help them find a place to call their home.

In addition to sending these cats home, visitors gave $249 to The Rescue House to help them continue their mission of helping cats in need.

As cats go home, we bring new ones in. We’ll introduce you to the newest members of our clowder. The first cat we’ll tell you about is Timothy. This two year old black cat was living in a colony of homeless cats when the person caring for the colony noticed his friendly personality. They decided to see if he could be kept inside and that’s how the process of Timothy coming to us started. He’s taken time to settle in at The Cat Cafe, but he’s now greeting visitors with head bonks and purrs.

Meet Timothy at The Cat Cafe


Next up is a six month old pair of brothers, Ollie and Lilo. Before they came to The Cat Cafe, these two bonded brothers were in bad shape after their time on the street. Fortunately for them, a foster parent with The Rescue House was able to nurse them back to health. They’re now entertaining visitors with their playful antics and friendly head bonks.

Meet Ollie and Lilo at The Cat Cafe

Ollie and Lilo

Reptar is a two year old ginger boy with an unusual story. His person loved him and wanted to keep him, but sadly had to move. So they placed Reptar with a friend with the goal of taking him back as soon as they found a place where cats were allowed. They couldn’t do that, and that friend had to give Reptar to The Rescue House. Reptar was understandably a little confused due to all of the moves he’s been through, but he’s started to wander through the playpen at The Cat Cafe with his tail straight up in the air.

Meet Reptar at The Cat Cafe


Now we’ll introduce you to a trio of six month old siblings. They were all found in a flower pot and were in bad shape. Fortunately for them, a kind person alerted The Rescue House to their plight. They went to a foster home where they got all the care they needed to recover. Now they’re putting smiles on the faces of visitors and staff at The Cat Cafe as they run around playing.

The two siblings who look alike are Flower Petal and Dandy Lion. Dandy Lion is the more adventurous of the two. Flower Petal looks to her brother for guidance, and she does need to stay with one of her siblings.

Meet Flower Petal and Dandy Lion at The Cat Cafe

Flower Petal and Dandy Lion

The sibling in this trio who doesn’t look like the other two is Tiger Lily. She’s a tortie instead of a fluffy white cat with blue eyes. And she’s fearless. She took a little longer to join her siblings at The Cat Cafe because she managed to step on a bee while in foster care.

Meet Tiger Lily at The Cat Cafe

Tiger Lily

Finally, there’s Shelley. She’s a two year old gray and white cat who raised at least two litters of kittens before a kind person let The Rescue House know about her plight. They took her and her kittens in, and gave them a chance to thrive. Now that Shelley’s kitten raising days are over, she enjoys watching what’s going on at The Cat Cafe from a high spot.

Meet Shelley at The Cat Cafe


We hope to see you join us soon at The Cat Cafe to meet the newest members of our clowder or to spend some time with old favorites. Thanks for supporting us!

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