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The Cat Cafe Sends 14 Cats Home in November 2020

It hasn’t been a good year for business at The Cat Cafe. Losing three months due to the initial stay at home order and nine months worth of conventions, including Comic-Con, makes that impossible. However, it has been a good year for adopting out cats from The Rescue House. In November, 14 cats found homes. We’ll miss Lyft, Travis, Muffin, Riker, Honey, Jasper, Tiger, Holt, Minka, Sebastian, Flower Petal, Tiger Lily, Shelley and Naranjito. But we’re glad we got the chance to spend time with them and to find them a home of their own.

In addition, visitors to The Cat Cafe donated $231 to help The Rescue House continue its mission of finding homes for adoptable cats. When visitors put money into the tins that say “Help Feed The Kitties,” that is literally what happens with that money. It goes to help feed the cats at The Cat Cafe.

The trend of cats getting adopted quickly continued this month, with a number of cats getting adopted so quickly we didn’t get a chance to introduce them to you. We’ll tell you about the recently arrived cats who haven’t gone home yet.

First up are a bonded pair of  eight month old sisters who came to us from Ensenada. The two of them were found by a boy who was out for a bike ride. He saw them struggling and wanted to get them help. So he tried to ride his bike home while carrying the cats, and when someone saw him having a hard time doing this, they stopped to help. Eventually, the grateful sisters Lily and Rose went to The Rescue House and then arrived at The Cat Cafe.

Lily is the more adventurous of the two, and you can tell her apart from her sister by the small white crest on her chest. She loves hopping onto laps and getting her purr motor going.

Meet Lily at The Cat Cafe


Rose is more cautious than her sister, and she spent the first few days at The Cat Cafe in the retreat. She’s started hanging out with visitors now, but she still is cautious with strangers. Give her time, though, and she’ll show you how affectionate she can be.

Meet Rose at The Cat Cafe


Iris is about a year old, and she’s got a few things that make her stand out. She’s a polydactyl cat and she also has different colored eyes. She’s quick to show her affection to people. Iris hasn’t been as friendly with the other members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe, however. We think that will change as she starts to feel comfortable.

Meet Iris at The Cat Cafe


Finally, we’ll introduce you to a two year old cat named Colitas. Her name is fitting because she’s got a cute little tail. She also came to us after getting help from caring people in Ensenada before The Rescue House brought her across the border. She’s still getting used to things at The Cat Cafe, but she’s already hopping into people’s laps and purring for them.

Meet Colitas at The Cat Cafe


We hope to see you at The Cat Cafe soon to meet these cats or to say hi to our resident cats, Leo and Jacey. Thank you for continuing to support us during these challenging times.

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