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The Cat Cafe Sends Ten Cats Home in October 2020

October brings shorter days and falling temperatures as well as Halloween. Even with a pandemic, that doesn’t change. And it’s fitting that in the month with Halloween, three of the ten cats we sent to good homes were black cats. We will miss Reptar, Timothy, Ollie, Lilo, Dandy Lion, Calliope, Tefiti, Solecito, Simone and Scott. But we’re happy that visitors to The Cat Cafe were kind enough to open their homes to them.

In addition, visitors to The Cat Cafe contributed $160 to help The Rescue House continue its mission of helping cats find homes.

Cats going home means that new cats arrive at The Cat Cafe. Let’s introduce you to them.

Jack Rabbit was found in a colony of community cats when he, along with his siblings, were trapped so they could be fixed. He showed the people helping the colony that he liked being around people and wanted to be inside. After spending time in a foster home for The Rescue House, this year old boy made his way to The Cat Cafe and now spends his days making friends with the other cats and visitors.

Meet Jack Rabbit at The Cat Cafe

Jack Rabbit

Celeste and Inky are two four year old sisters who were happily living in Balboa Park before a predator moved into the area. The group feeding the community cats there decided that human friendly cats should go inside to be safer. Some of the cats they pulled ended up with The Rescue House. And then Celeste and Inky, who are a bonded pair and must go home together, joined us at The Cat Cafe.

Celeste is the more sociable of the two sisters. She’s got a more solid patch of gray on her forehead. Inky is more wary and is going to take more time to get used to whoever wants to adopt the pair before she shows how friendly she can be.

Meet Inky and Celeste at The Cat Cafe

Inky and Celeste

La Jolla is well known for being an upscale neighborhood. Olivia wasn’t able to enjoy the amenities of the area when she started her life, however. She was just six weeks old and dirty and hungry when a kind person found her and her siblings in an alley. After being nursed to health and watching her siblings get adopted, Olivia joined us at The Cat Cafe. This seven month old girl is friendly and loves to give head butts to people she knows.

Meet Olilvia at The Cat Cafe


Why would a one year old tuxedo cat get the name Lyft? We’ll admit it’s an unusual name for a cat. But when a ride sharing driver hits the brakes hard in order to save a cat and then takes that cat to a rescue group, it’s a fitting name. Lyft takes time to warm up to visitors but it’s worth being patient. When she does, she surprises visitors to The Cat Cafe by making biscuits for them and purring loudly.

Meet Lyft at The Cat Cafe


June wandered the streets trying to scrape out a living for herself while she was pregnant. After a kind person took pity on her, she went to a foster home with The Rescue House. Soon, she gave birth to eight kittens. After being a wonderful mother despite being a kitten herself, she joined the clowder at The Cat Cafe to find a home of her own. She’s friendly if a little shy around people she doesn’t know.

Meet June at The Cat Cafe


We look forward to welcoming you to The Cat Cafe to meet these cats as well as our resident cats, Jacey and Leo. Please remember that due to Covid, we require facial coverings and we cannot allow children under six to visit. Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time.

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