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The Cat Cafe to Move in January 2021

Those of you who have followed The Cat Cafe know that we’ve been at our current location at 472 3rd Avenue since we started our initial build out in October 2014. Our location has worked well for us but the pandemic, while presenting a huge challenge, also provided us with an opportunity to upgrade our space. We’re taking advantage of that opportunity and will be moving into a new location at 302 Island Avenue during the month of January.

Our new location is literally kitty corner from our current location, and we’ve started to beautify the exterior of the venue already. We’ve still got work to do, but it looks a lot nicer that it did before.

The Exterior of the new location of The Cat Cafe

The Exterior of The Cat Cafe’s New Location

Our new location will have more space for both the coffee bar and the cat room, which is critical in these days where social distancing is required. In addition, we’ll be able to provide those who just want to enjoy something from the coffee bar a place to relax and enjoy that inside.

We’re excited about the move of The Cat Cafe to this new location. But obviously, the build out and move takes time. And that’s why we’ll be closing for the move after our sixth anniversary on January 5. Our goal is to reopen on February 1. That date may change depending on what governmental agencies require us to do.

We at The Cat Cafe look forward to welcoming you in to our new location soon.

And now we’ll introduce you to some of the cats who have joined our clowder from The Rescue House. First up is an older cat who was pulled from a high kill shelter, Frank Sinatra. One look at this seven year old boy’s eyes and you’ll see why he got that name. He quickly got the nickname Frankie from visitors and staff at The Cat Cafe. This mellow boy love being pet and he’ll sit by you patiently waiting for you to do the right thing and pay attention to him.

Meet Frank at The Cat Cafe

Frank Sinatra

Mila is a three year old cat who was adopted previously. Her people loved her and she enjoyed living with them, but when they were deployed overseas they were unable to take her with them. That meant Mila went back to The Rescue House, and then she came to The Cat Cafe. She does growl and hiss at people initially, but she quickly warms up and gives visitors head bonks and purrs.

Meet Mila at The Cat Cafe


Adorabella is two years old, and almost didn’t make it to that age. She was in a high kill shelter which was overcrowded when she developed a kitty cold. Because the staff there didn’t want her to spread the disease to the other cats, they put her on the euthanasia list. Fortunately, a kind person from The Rescue House pulled her and now she’s entertaining visitors and staff at The Cat Cafe with her cute meows.

Meet Adorabella at The Cat Cafe


Hudson is a two year old brown tabby who was not doing a good job of eeking out a living on the street. Fortunately, a kind person listened to his demands when he jumped into their car and insisted on being taken to care. After getting medical care and staying in a foster home, he came to The Cat Cafe. While he’s still shy, he loves being pet.

Meet Hudson at The Cat Cafe


The last cat we’ll introduce you to is Julius Caesar. This seven year old ginger boy asked et tu when he found himself abandoned in a parking lot. He ended up in a foster home with The Rescue House and then to The Cat Cafe. He’s still sorting things out, but we’re sure he’ll soon be exploring the cat room like he’s the emperor of it.

Meet Julius Caesar at The Cat Cafe

Julius Caesar

We look forward to seeing you visit these cats at The Cat Cafe, whether it’s in our current location or in our new location in the upcoming year. Thanks for your support over the past six years!

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