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The Cat Cafe Sends 36 Cats Home in December and January

While we’re not happy with the slow pace of the permitting process, which has taken six weeks at this point, one thing that’s happening at a much better pace is sending cats home. Over the months of December 2020 and January 2021, The Cat Cafe sent 36 cats home. Normally, we tell you which cats went home but with so many of them going, that list would be way too long.

In addition, while we closed to visitors on January 6, during the month of December and the first week of January, customers contributed $479 to help The Rescue House continue its mission of helping cats in need.

We know that you’re disappointed that you can’t visit us at The Cat Cafe just yet. Our goal was to open by February 1 and we thought we’d have plenty of time to accomplish this. However, the City’s Development Services Department has been extremely slow with the permitting process. They have also asked for some very unusual things, such as off street parking for a business downtown. We continue to work with our architect to get these resolved.

If you’d like to help us move this forward and you live in the City of San Diego, you can contact Mayor Gloria and your Council Member to let them know that a small business that you support is facing a financial crunch due to the slowness of the approval process. You don’t have to tell them specifics of the challenges The Cat Cafe is facing. Simply let them know that you’re unhappy with the slow approval process.

Enough unhappy things. Let’s now focus on the newest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe. All four of the cats we will introduce you to were pulled from the streets of Mexico. The Rescue House partners with various rescue groups there, and after they were nursed to health by a veterinarian, these cats came across the border to join our clowder.

We’ve started calling the three ginger brothers that joined us The Three Amigos. It can be tough to tell the three of these six month old cats apart. Here’s how you can do it. Tory is the lightest of the three. Temo has a white crest on his chest. And Tello is the darkest. But even if you know this, when these three are running around The Cat Cafe it can be hard to tell.

Meet Tello, Temo and Tory at The Cat Cafe

Tello, Tory and Temo

Valentina is the only girl of the group. This brown tabby loves to hop into people’s laps and start the purr motor going. Initially, she growled at the other cats if they got too close to her. You can see that’s clearly changed and now she’s become friends with one of the resident cats at The Cat Cafe, Leo.

Meet Valentina and Leo at The Cat Cafe

Valentina making friends with resident cat Leo

We hope to welcome you into our new space soon and remember, you can help with that. Thanks for your continued support.

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