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The Cat Cafe Sends Seven Cats Home and Relocates in February 2021

February was an interesting month for us at The Cat Cafe. We waited patiently for the City to evaluate our plans for the new space and waited again while our architect completed the more than 100 revisions they demanded. Despite this delay, we did what we could do without those permits to get the space able to handle the cats. And then we moved over there. And we sent seven cats from The Rescue House to good homes.

We’re sad we didn’t get a chance to show Chico, Tello, Valentina, Stella, Petra, Tory and Temo the new location of The Cat Cafe. But we’re glad they went to good homes.

We don’t have as many cats in our clowder as we typically do because of the move to our new space. But we do have two cats to welcome into our group at The Cat Cafe.

Nina came to us from Ensenada. This one year old girl was found by an organization that performs TNR in order to keep the population of stray cats under control. When it was Nina’s turn to get fixed, she showed how much she enjoys being around people. That meant she was taken inside to see how she did. And when she didn’t miss living outside, the animal welfare organization decided to try to adopt her out. They couldn’t, so she went to The Rescue House, made the trip across the border and then worked her way to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Nina at The Cat Cafe


Nina quickly adapted to both our former space and didn’t take long to get comfortable after the move. She’s started to enjoy running around the larger space and she’s now giving the two resident bengal cats, Jacey and Leo, all the play they can handle. And they’re bengal cats! Anyone who wants to take Nina home from The Cat Cafe is going to have to be sure she has a feline playmate who can keep up with her.

The second cat we’ll introduce you to is the first cat to join our clowder in our new location. Kind people found Casanova after he had been lost or abandoned. They took him in to care for him, and when The Rescue House learned of his plight, they moved him to a foster home. He soon came to us.

Meet Casanova at The Cat Cafe


Casanova hasn’t been with us for too long, so this one year old boy is still a little shy. He’s still getting used to the cat room but he’s comfortable enough to allow us to give him pets and use a wand toy to get him active.

In addition to the two adoptable cats from The Rescue House, we have our two resident bengal cats. And we’ve entered Jacey and Leo in San Diego Humane Society‘s March Meowness contest. Jacey and Leo made the cut into the top 32 pets out 1,114. Now it’s time to see how far they can go. You can help us by voting for them as they try to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Jacey and Leo are in the 15th out of 16 matchups. You’ll have to select all of your choices to enter, and then you’ll provide San Diego Humane Society with your information for your vote to register.

Meet Jacey and Leo at The Cat Cafe

Jacey and Leo

Anything we win will be given to The Rescue House to help them continue to help cats in need.

We appreciate your continued support as we work to complete the permitting process and build out. And we look forward to welcoming you in to see how much better the new location of The Cat Cafe is for both visitors and cats.

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