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The Cat Cafe Sends Nine Cats Home in December 2021

With December bringing the holiday season and its business, it’s kind of a surprise to us how often people want to adopt cats. During the month, The Cat Cafe sent nine cats from The Rescue House to good homes. We’re sure they made the holiday season even better for their adopters. Ryan, Dinah, Elsa, Abbey, Jack-O, Louie, Dior, Maddie and Maya all were wonderful gifts.

Visitors to The Cat Cafe also donated $119 to The Rescue House so that they could continue their mission of sending cats to good homes.

As always, when cats go home, our partners at The Rescue House bring new cats in to The Cat Cafe. Here are the latest members of our clowder.

Meet Coco Loco and Groucho Marx at The Cat Cafe

Groucho Marx and Coco Loco

Coco Loco and Groucho Marx are a bonded pair of one year old tuxedo cats. These two boys were living in an auto shop with their mother when the people running the shop heard their cries for help. They took the cats in, and their mother was all too happy to get help raising these boys. You’ll find these two playing with each other and stretching out on tables to get pets from visitors to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Lilith at The Cat Cafe


Lilith was living on borrowed time. The shelter in Rosarita is always overcrowded and cats don’t have much time to find a home. Fortunately for her, she was pulled and volunteers from The Rescue House brought her across the border. Now she’s exploring the space at The Cat Cafe and gaining confidence every day. Once she trusts you, she’s happy to roll over and purr.

Meet Phillip and Alba at The Cat Cafe

Phillip and Alba

We have another bonded pair and they’re a little unusual. They’re not related to each other, although you could be forgiven for thinking they are due to their long fur. Phillip was part of a litter of kittens that were taken in by a kind person. Alba was taken in by that same person so that she could get help raising her kittens. And when Phillip and Alba met, he was happy to be her adopted son and she was happy to adopt him.

Meet Lauro at The Cat Cafe


We know that Lauro is pleased with the accommodations at The Cat Cafe. They sure beat the trash dumpster he was found in. When a kind person took him in, he was dirty from living in the trash. They cleaned him up, helped him get healthy and soon he blossomed into the handsome feline he is now.

Meet Celine at The Cat Cafe


Celine’s pretty fur wasn’t always that way. When she was scrapping for a living on the streets of a Mexican city, it was flea infested and dirty. She got the care she needed to recover and thrive. Now, she’s showing off her pretty coat to visitors at The Cat Cafe.

We hope you’ll visit us to see these new cats, or to say hello to our resident cats Jacey and Leo. Thanks for supporting The Cat Cafe!

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